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OWN VOICES: Transgender, Non-Binary And Gender Fluid Authors

Welcome to #ownvoices on the QSF Facebook group.

Each week, we’ll feature a different group of writers who don’t get the attention they should.

Today, we’re featuring trans, NB, and gender-fluid authors.

If you’re a trans, NB, or gender-fluid spec fic author, tell us about yourself, your experiences as a trans, NB, or gender-fluid author, and the spec ficbooks you write with trans, NB, or gender-fluid characters (with links, please).

If you’re not trans, NB, or gender-fluid, you can still participate – share your favorite trans, NB, or gender-fluid spec fic authors.

Note: Today’s #ownvoices is about authors who are trans, NB, or gender-fluid, not about trans, NB, or gender-fluid characters.

Please treat each other with respect in this chat.


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