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PODCAST: Trevor Barton on WROTE

Trevor Barton

Our very own Trevor Barton (author of the Brobots trilogy) has been interviewed this week by author/narrator Vance Bastian and author SA (Baz) Collins for the WROTE Podcast. WROTE provides weekly discussions about LGBTQ storytelling in all genres and mediums. Their guests share personal accounts on living the artistic life and their personal experiences writing, crafting, and reading stories that explore the edges of what’s accepted and where storytelling should be headed.

In the interview they discuss Trevor’s journey to becoming an author, what inspired Brobots, his latest novel “Balance of Estubria,” futurology, LGBT activism, audiences for gay Sci-Fi, and making writing accessible.

Listen to the podcast here: http://www.wrotepodcast.com/trevor-barton

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