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Promotions Week: Real World Promo Options


It’s time for another theme week at Queer Sci Fi. This time around, we’re talking promo. :)

Here are our topics for the week:

Promotions Week: Where to Get Started – making a schedule
Promotions Week: What to include – Guest Post vs. Announcement vs. Cover Reveal
Promotions Week: Keywords and Categories
Promotions Week: Social Media and Reviews
Promotions Week: Real World Promo Options
Promotions Week: Contests and Giveaways

Day Five:
Real World Promo Options

We’ve spent a couple days talking about how to promo your book online, but what about in the real world?

We’ll cover a few things here today – advertising, swag, and other options.

For a new or indie author, advertising can be prohibitively expensive, but there may be some smaller venues or niche markets where advertising is an option.

Another option is swag – merchandise advertising your books that you can give away at cons, send to faithful readers, etc.

And I’m sure some of our folks have other real world strategies they use.

So my questions today: Do you advertise? If so, how and where?

Swag – what do you do, and where do you have it done? What are some creative ideas for using swag to promote your book?

And what are some other real-world promo options for the small/indie author?

Join the conversation here.

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