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QSF Reviewers Wanted!

Hello Queer Sci Fi followers!

We admins have exciting news: we’re opening up a couple book reviewer positions! Turns out you guys all read–and write–a ton and we’d like to try and keep up with the heavy volume by adding more book reviewers.

How it works: as authors submit review requests, I’ll post them to a file and all reviewers will have access to these requests. Reviewers can select any books they’d like and submit a review to me a couple to a few weeks later. I’ll post those reviews on our website and they can be shared around from there. (Our review request template lives HERE.)

Reviewing is something I’ve been doing for several years now and I find it’s a great way to give back to the community. I recognize I have my favorite types of fiction, so I’m hoping with more reviewers we’ll be posting more reviews with more variety to the public, thereby helping QSF readers and authors and the larger LGBTQ+ community.

Here’s the application–let me know if you have any questions:

QSF Book Reviewer Posting

Send to: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]

Looking forward to working with you!

Here’s the form for those who are having trouble downloading:

Job Title: Book Reviewer

Job Type: Volunteer

Reports to: Queer Sci Fi Administrator Ben Brock

Location: Work from Home

Open Until Filled. There are at least two positions open at this time.

About Queer Sci Fi:

Queer Sci Fi is a community group dedicated to promoting LGBT characters in Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, and Science Fiction.

Founded in January of 2014, our intent was to create a community for writers and readers of LGBT-themed speculative fiction. We post regular discussion topics, news, author promotions, and reviews. We have a website (, a Facebook discussion group (, and we offer tools for writers, readers, and publishers, including access to our own critique channel on Scribophile.

About the Job:

Volunteering for Queer Sci Fi is a great way to give back to the community and network in the LGBTQ+ publishing world. As part of our service, Queer Sci Fi offers reviews in queer speculative fiction. Reviewers receive free copies of ebooks from an administrator and are expected to give a balanced and honest review.

The rights to the reviews belong to the reviewer, but QSF would request every review is exclusively posted to the website for the first 24 hours (please see an administrator for details if you have questions about this policy).

Reviewers can take any number of reviews they wish from the review submissions spreadsheet, but every review is expected to be completed in approximately two to three weeks and submitted to the book review admin as a Microsoft Word document. The admin will post the review on but it’s the reviewer’s responsibility to check when their reviews are posted and spread them onto social media.

By submitting an application you agree to these terms.


Must be respectful of the LGBTQ+ community.

Proficient with Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and various social media platforms.

Submission of a writing sample (see below for instructions).

Cover Letter:

Please attach a cover letter, introducing yourself and stating why you are applying for this job. List any skills and experiences which would aid your completion of the job. Please answer the supplemental questions after your introductory paragraph and include your writing sample last.

The cover letter, answers to the supplemental questions, and the writing sample may be on a single document and must be formatted with 12 pt. Times New Roman Font, 1.5 paragraph spacing, with 0 pt. before and after spacing. Adherence to this format will insure your submission is considered.

Supplemental Questions:

Are you respectful of the entire LGBTQ+ community?

What genres in speculative fiction do you enjoy reading?

Do you read works with varying queer identities?

Writing Sample:

Please provide a sample of a review you’ve written, around five hundred words or more. You can cut and paste it to the end of your cover letter.


Thank you for your time,

Ben, Scott, and Angel


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