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Rabid Reader Recommendations–R3 Wednesdays!


WELCOME to Rabid Reader Recommendations, or R3 WEDNESDAYS! We host this discussion the first Wednesday of every month; it’s a great opportunity to recommend and discuss works you have enjoyed in the queer science fiction genre. These recommendations may end up on a file you can access on our website–stay tuned for details.

For the second R3, the theme is: Holiday Reads! (Any holiday–Boxing day, Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Earth Day, Hijra, Solstice, etc–but it has to be queer speculative fiction.)


  • This is a reader discussion. Don’t recommend your own works–get someone to do it for you!
  • The works have to be related to the theme (though I’m flexible).
  • Please include a Goodreads link or something comparable. You can create a new comment for each recommendation if you’d like.

If you have any questions, please consult Ben Brock, your QSF reviewer!


1 thought on “Rabid Reader Recommendations–R3 Wednesdays!”

  1. If you haven’t read them, I adore Sarah’s Monette’s Felix and Mildmay books. Excellent fantasy series with Felix as a complicated, flamboyant, brilliant wizard who can pretty much get any man he lays his eyes on. The combination of heroism and potential villainy in Felix Harrowgate is fascinating, too, as he struggles to find his own morality in a world full of rigid wizards and vigorous training from a very dark one, who never truly let Felix go.


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