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Reader Discussion: How Queer Sci Fi Changes

gay sci fi

Today’s reader discussion topic comes from QSFer Elizabeth Barrette:

Changes you have noticed in queer sci fi over time, good or bad. Things you see that are not portrayed, or usually done badly, that you wish for more and better portrayals of. Things you find annoying that you wish to see less of.

So what do you think? How has queer si fi changed over the last two decades? How has it improved? What could be done better?

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1 thought on “Reader Discussion: How Queer Sci Fi Changes”

  1. My queer sci-fi experience started recently – 6 years ago in manga and a couple of years after that in the MM ebook world. I can only really compare it to mainstream sci-fi. Although both have their good and bad, I am impressed with the quality in some queer sci-fi stories and the dedication an author puts into a series. I have a friend who dislikes getting bogged down in the romance and appreciates a pure science and fantasy story. To me, sci-fi is great. Sci-fi with two guys having smexy time… awesome!


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