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Joanna Russ

This article from 2011 popped up in my feed today. I thought it was worth a re-run:

The coolest woman in sci-fi since Alien’s Ellen Ripley, sci-fi writer and feminist critic Joanna Russ, died on her home planet this Friday. She would have wanted you to read her books (namely because they’re awesome), so here’s where to start:

The famous 74-year-old author wrote The Female Man, a book about women fighting against misogyny in alternate universes and How to Suppress Women’s Writing, an examination of sexism in the art world. She also published The Adventures of Alyx a short-story collection following her swashbuckling heroine’s adventures through time and On Strike Against God a semi-autobiographical novella about experiencing lesbian love.

Russ was definitely one of a kind.

By Daniel Villarreal – Full Story at Queerty

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