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REVIEW: Absolution, by Lissa Kasey

Title: Absolution

Series: Dominion Series

Author: Lissa Kasey

Genre: Paranormal/Vampire

LGBTQ+ Category: MMM Gay

Publisher: Self

Pages: 334

Reviewer: Sherry, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Sam discovers becoming undead has awakened a new power inside of him.

When the power of the world of vampires and witches collide, Sam wields a firestorm of energy to save the men he loves. As a new vampire Sam suddenly finds himself the focus of a lot of unexpected attention. Living among witches, Sam has always been the underdog fighting the wrong war, alone, abandoned, and unwanted. Only when Luca arrives to be a sort of—hot guy on call—to feed Sam’s blood lust, Sam can’t get his best friend Constantine, or the three of them together, out of his head.

Will the three of them find the strength to come together and cement their bond to defeat the rising powers of darkness?

This MMM romance dark urban fantasy features a reluctant vampire, friends to lovers, cage fighting monsters, and witches wielding magic to save the world. Can be read as stand alone.

The Review

“The cold night brushed against my skin with the sharp clarity of fresh needles as I walked through the bowels of downtown. It was the coldest winter in thirty years. I should have worn a heavier jacket, but it wasn’t like I could freeze to death. One of the few benefits of already being dead.”—Absolution 

Not being cold might well be a benefit of being dead but there are others as well in Lissa Kasey’s newest book in the Dominion series. “Absolution” is a character arc story about a brooding vampire named Sam. He’s been in several abusive relationships  both before and after becoming a vampire. Naturally, that’s part of what makes him so broody.

But he’s also been mentored by a quite powerful vampire, and he’s become entrenched with the Dominion. The Dominion are the ruling body of elemental witches. A splinter group, the Ascendence, are an exclusive group of male witches to whom Sam is connected. Then too, there are Sam’s peripheral associations with other vampires, shifters and the witches that give new meaning to the phrase, “going to ground.” And all of this, including Sam going to ground, possibly leads to his eventual self-actualization. 

The story is well-written. It’s grim and often violent, and that is juxtaposed with Sam’s search for love and emotional connection to others. What caused Sam to search for absolution though, was never apparent to me although the implication is that he was a bit of a bad boy before this. Reading the preceding books of the Dominion series might help answer that but “Absolution” is essentially a stand-alone book, filled with a different and magical understanding of what it means to be a supernatural among present-day humans. Kasey has written at least eighteen other novels, four of which were Dominion books. “Absolution” should satisfy Kasey’s fans, but for me, I have some catch-up Dominion reading to do…

The Reviewer

Sherry Perkins has worked as a licensed practical nurse for more than thirty-five years and has experience in psychiatric/addictions nursing, nursing-care coordination, and risk management. She earned a BS in health sciences from Campbell University and has spoken at public health functions on topics such as addiction prevention and treatment, prevention of teenage opioid deaths, and connecting patients who are resistant to treatment with appropriate services. 

A mother of four, Perkins lives with extended family on the Delmarva Peninsula, where she enjoys collecting shells and sea glass; reading and writing mysteries, science fiction, and fantasy; doing organic gardening; and following the Dave Matthews Band around the East Coast.

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