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REVIEW: Hexxed, by Shannon West

Hexxed - Shannon West

Title: Hexxed

Series: Witches of the Big Easy

Author: Shannon West

Genre: Paranormal

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Publisher: Self

Pages: 207

Reviewer: Kayleigh Sky

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About The Book

Self-exiled to New York for the past two years, Nic Gaudet never planned to return to New Orleans. But with the mysterious death of an old man named Abel Delessard, a member of a family of Cajun witches who were his own family’s greatest enemies, it seems he has fallen under suspicion of murder. He’s been accused by none other than the man’s grandson—and Nic’s former lover—Thibeau Delessard. Nic is furious and travels to confront Thibeau and his family in an official capacity—Nic is a member of the Legislateurs, the governing body of all the magic practitioners in the Big Easy, both the living and the undead. What he doesn’t expect is for all his old feelings for Beau to come rushing back in the moment he sees him again.

Thibeau Delessard had an excellent and heartbreaking reason to break up with Nic two years earlier, but it hasn’t been anything he could tell him until now. Secrets and lies separate them now as they did in the past, but soon, they find themselves back in love and back in danger. Someone is trying his best to use magical spells and hexes to kill Thibeau. Evil pervades not only the French Quarter, but also the old Creole style house where the Delessard family lives. A web of plots is closing around Thibeau and his family, and if Nic can’t find a way through it—and defeat the warlock magic with his own–they’re all going to die. A cursed diamond, an evil book of spells and danger surrounds them on all sides in this city where the veil is thin between this world and the next, and most especially, after dark.

The Review

Oh so much atmosphere in this fun and witchy tale set in New Orleans. The main characters, Thibeau and Nic, come from feuding families, so there’s a little Romeo and Juliet thrown into the mix. If you like voodoo, magic, and murder, this is the perfect story for you. It’s got a lot going on, but it’s surprisingly un-angsty, considering the many cruelties Thibeau has had to endure. I don’t want to give too much away, but his losses are many. Even so, he endures for the sake of his family. 

When Nic comes to town to solve a murder, he’s thrown together with Thibeau, a lover from his past. Thibeau isn’t just the one who got away; he dumped Nic in gut-wrenching fashion. Or did he? Not all is as it seems.

Thibeau and Nic are an appealing pair, but they have a lot of anger to overcome and trust to rebuild while at the same time rushing to figure out who wants Thibeau dead and why. A powerful force is out to get him and the attempts on his life come fast and furious until the mystery-busting climax. All in all, it’s a really fun book, and I recommend it. 

The Reviewer

Hi. I’m Kayleigh. I’m an author with books in a variety of subgenres—contemporary, dystopian/sci-fi, mystery/suspense, and paranormal, all with gay and bisexual characters so far. I’m a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist for my book, No Luck, and completely gobsmacked by that. When not writing, I’m… well, writing. Or herding cats. My most recent publication is A Vampire’s Heart, Book 1 in the Ellowyn Found Trilogy. Reviewing is new for me, but I look forward to giving back to the author community by helping to get books in front of readers and by helping readers find books they’ll love.


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