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REVIEW: Hunter, by J.V. Speyer


Title: Hunter
Author: J.V. Speyer
Genre: Paranormal, Mystery
LGBTQ+ Category: MM/Gay
Publisher: Self
Pages/Word Count: 282 Pages
Buy Link:

Luis has spent his career chasing the darker side of life. First a vice cop, then an FBI profiler, now he lands in the Boston field office, and not by choice. He expects his case load to have a much lighter tone than he’s used to.

He wasn’t counting on New England’s dark history, or their pride in it. He didn’t understand how close-knit the old towns could be, or how protective they were of their own. He soon finds he’s going to have to count on every skill he ever used in his time at headquarters, and a few skills he didn’t know he had, if he wants to keep body and soul together.

Complicating matters is a new case Luis has just been handed, working with the Mass. State Police. Luis has history there, and ugly history too. Detective Donovan Carey is the guy who broke Luis’ heart over a decade ago. He wasn’t willing to even peek his head outside the closet, certainly not for someone like Luis. Can they put their history aside to deal with a mystery centuries in the making?

Review by MaryAnn

Special Agent Luis Gomes started out as a vice cop and worked his way up to a profiler for the FBI.  He’s smart, has several degrees, volunteers in communities and never hesitates to help when needed and is very good at his job.  But as a young boy his family life was destroyed and Luis has never seen himself as a good person. He once thought he had forever with his ex but it didn’t turn out that way and hookups and one-night-stands in motel rooms became his choice.  Besides, he felt he would never meet someone who would adapt to the life of an FBI agent. But that all worked well for Luis, he just doesn’t fit, he’s useless and not worth anything to anyone, even his co-workers.

When Luis and his partner, Kevin Rourke are called to Sudbury, Massachusetts to investigate serial killings, Luis has to face his ex, Detective Donovan Carey.  Donovan brings back old emotions and confusion for Luis.  Luis knows he has to put those old memories aside and becomes obsessed with the killings and the killer.  One other thing Luis get’s caught up in is the historical lore of Captain Lightfoot a notorious highwayman.

“Hunter” is a suspenseful and gory murder mystery with a twist from the past. The setting for the story is Sudbury, Massachusetts and brings in the historical lore of King Philip Woods Conservation area, along with the highwayman’s.

As Luis’s character get’s more involved with the murder’s the profiling and police/FBI procedures become more structured and detailed which is a plus for the plot.  I like the additional talent Luis discovers he has that goes along with his profiling.

Luis’s character really cemented the storyline for me.  He struggled with his past family issues, intolerance, discrimination and even the thoughts that he was  reckless and suicidal. There’s a big contrast also with dysfunctional family issues between Luis and Donovan.  Luis may have faced a tough time as a young boy but Donovan’s family was not as perfect as it seemed.

I didn’t care for Donovan’s mother and was very irritated with Donovan.  For being in his thirties he spent too much of his time afraid of coming out.  He just didn’t come across as sincere is his relationship with Luis and he seemed like a “know-it- all” when it came to Luis. I also had a problem with Kevin Rourke who seemed a good fit as Luis’s FBI partner.  Kevin and Luis seemed like they got along and Luis would be first to help in Kevin’s family situation.  All of a sudden it seems Kevin turns his back on Luis.

If J.V. Speyer has plans for a sequel, I would be interested, especially in the historical lore, paranormal aspect and Luis’s character dealing in more cases with those elements.

Warnings: There’s a certain amount of violence in a book with serial killers in it. Mentions of drug use, suicide, promiscuity, questionable life choices.


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