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REVIEW: Polar Opposites by Cheyenne Meadows

Title: Polar Opposites
Author: Cheyenne Meadows
Genre: Contemporary
LGBTQ+ Category: Gay
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Pages: 204
Reviewer: Rebecca

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About The Book

Donovan is the new guy in town, a polar shifter, harboring a big secret. He’s a big city bear who moved to the tiny town of Forgotten, Wyoming, in hopes of finding peace. What he finds is poison ivy and angry wasps.

TJ, a grizzly shifter, is the local doctor with a past. He’s found a home in the country, but lacks happiness and a sense of belonging. The fact that he’s in the midst of his natural mating season doesn’t help in the least. The moment Donovan enters TJ’s clinic, sparks fly. TJ is determined to resist the temptation that is Donovan, but his inner bear and Donovan have other ideas.

When a hunter starts going after shifters and a blast from Donovan’s past show up for revenge, things get hot. But not as hot as the attraction between Donovan and TJ. If they can pull together and survive, they just might discover that, while they might be polar opposites, sometimes opposites do attract.

The Review

With a great balance of wit, comedy moments, and well-constructed dialogue, Polar Opposites pushed along at a solid pace. The story was easy to read and enjoy. It also offered the perfect paranormal escapism on a dreary afternoon.

Not only are two likeable main characters introduced—TJ and Donovan—but there are also fun secondary characters, who add extra levity. The combination, and the mains’ relationship development, was fun to follow. TJ and Donovan’s personalities were distinctive and at times, their fiery relationship added a great level of entertainment. There’s something extra fun about characters battling their feelings. 

There were a couple of smaller plot lines to add extra conflict of the relationship angst. This added to the quick pace and also added  drama. While one plot line seemed a little forced, it was tied up neatly and allowed for sweetness and extra romance. 

Despite being a tad sugary at times, the chemistry and sexual tension was really great. It was their connection that also made their scenes extra hot. 

Polar Opposites is definitely worth a read.

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