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REVIEW: Seeing is a Curse

Title: Seeing is a Curse
Series: Seeing is Believing, Book Two
Author: Terry Poole
Genre: Paranormal
LGBTQ+ Category: Gay/MM
Publisher: Loose-ID
Pages/Word Count: 164 Pages
Buy Link:
Reviewer: Maryann

About the Book:

Back from the dead, Eric is reunited with his love, Kevin, only to be torn apart by blackmail and treachery.

Coming back from the dead changes a man as Detective Erik James discovers when he is reunited with Doctor Kevin Stuart, the love of his life. The last thing he expected was to become a ghost whisperer, able to guide lost souls.

They barely get a chance to explore Erik’s new abilities when they are abruptly forced apart by blackmail. All because of the greed of Kevin’s own ambitious Sentinel father.

Kevin must enlist the help of an old friend to try and end his father’s plans, and hopefully win Erik back before it’s too late.

At the same time, Ivan, Erik’s dead partner and Nick’s twin brother, is brutally attacked and left for dead, and Erik is convinced it was because of him.

Teaming up, the men must weed out the corruption rampant in the Sentinel Hierarchy, save Ivan’s life and stop Kevin’s father.

Piece of cake.

The Review:

Coroner, Kevin Stuart, is beyond brilliant and could have chose a multitude of professions but having his life planned didn’t sit right with him and he rebelled.  He also has a very special “gift” that gives him gratification when it comes to lost souls.  Kevin finds himself in turmoil with his lover Detective Erik James on the brink of death and Erik finds he has a choice to make.

Kevin also finds himself being blackmailed by his evil, domineering, powerful  father and has to make choices that will devastate his relationship with Erik.

Kevin and Erik aren’t the only ones feeling their lives are falling apart.  Max is devastated once again with the loss of Nick.  There’s so many questions revolving around these two couples futures and choices will have to be made.

Will the Sentinel Police Department (SPD) discover the big mystery behind the Sentinel Hierarchy? 

I highly recommend reading “Seeing Is Believing” fist since it will overlap with “Seeing Is A Curse”.  Besides Kevin and Erik’s relationship the story also reflects on Max and Nick.  It also brings a new and interesting character into the mix, Jason.  This is a fast paced read, with a suspenseful mystery, ghosts, romance and fun.

I also have to give a special mention for Dr. Nathan Kirkfield-McNeil from the “Web of Secrets” series.  It was fun to have a little update on his life.

What piqued my interest from this story is the Sentinel Police Division (SPD).  I don’t know if Terry Poole has plans to continue this series but I would be interested in seeing what she creates with the Sentinel Police Division in mind.

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