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REVIEW: Seeing Is Believing

Title: Seeing Is Believing
Author: Terry Poole
Genre: Paranormal
LGBTQ+ Category: Gay/MM
Publisher: Loose-ID
Pages/Word Count: 276 Pages
Buy Link:
Reviewer: Maryann

About the Book:

Max Cooke, a sweet lonely man who writes romance stories, is the only witness to the murder of a police detective. Struggling with the aftermath of the killing, Max never dreamed that the dead detective’s ghost would appear at the foot of his bed two days later.
Nick Horvath must learn what being a ghost means, sometimes with hilarious results. The two men discover that they are somehow bound together as they explore the feelings developing between them.

When the murderer comes looking for Max, however, it’s up to Nick to find a way to stop him. But if he succeeds in stopping the killer, will he be forced to leave the man he’s come to love? After a couple of near misses, Nick no longer has a choice because if he fails, Max will become the killer’s next victim.

The Review:

Maximillian John Cooke aka Max is a successful author of romance novels and just caught the biggest break ever.  His books have been picked up for a movie.  Max is on his way home to celebrate with companion Alfred. Alfred and Jackie Marshall, Max’s publisher/agent, are his only friends.  

With an ending to an abusive relationship and his writing, he has isolated himself but in his own way he’s very self-sufficient but he’s still fragile and shy.  Max’s moment of celebration is cut short when he’s witness to a horrendous crime.  For Detective Dominik Horvat aka Nick the last thing he sees is Max.  Something passes between them and Max is devastated with the passing of a man he doesn’t know.

With Max being the only witness to the crime and the strange event that occurs he has no choice but to talk with Detective Erik James, Nick’s partner.  The visit to see Erik becomes even more of a surprise when Doctor Kevin Stuart makes an appearance.   It seems Kevin has a very special talent that he’s kept secret. 

Terry Poole creates an entertaining and intriguing story that’s easy reading.  There’s so many secrets and surprises that I don’t want to give anything away. Paranormal/fantasy mix certainly has a lot of interesting ideas of the how the afterlife is controlled.

There’s also humor and some very heart warming and heart-rending moments.  The one scene that really was so emotionally powerful is when Max tries to save the Nick. 

The secondary characters:  Detective Erik James, Kevin, Jackie Marshall, Sarah, Mitchell, are well developed along with the “gift” that they have. 

The murder mystery and what becomes of Nick, Max, Erick and Kevin leave us with many questions that are answered in the sequel “Seeing Is A Curse”. 

I have to say I like the new cover art by Shelby Rhodes on this one, it really tells a story. 


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