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REVIEW: The Company of Death by Elisa Hansen

Title: The Company of Death

Series: The Immortal Journey

Author: Elisa Hansen

Genre: Paranormal/Sci Fi/Post Apocalyptic

LGBTQ+ Category: Asexual Spectrum (demi, gray, aromantic, etc), Bisexual+, Pansexual

Publisher: Self

Pages: 324

Reviewer: Becky

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About The Book

The zombie apocalypse was just the beginning of Emily’s problems. Now the vampire hunter has to ride cross-country with Death himself in this thrilling apocalyptic adventure series!

Two years after the zombie uprising devours 99% of the world’s population, it’s Emily Campbell’s job to destroy vampire communes and rescue their human herds. When a mission goes wrong, and she’s faced with certain undeath, she would rather kill herself than ever let them transform her.

The problem is that when she tries, the Grim Reaper fails to take her life. And he somehow loses all his powers in the process. Now neither alive nor dead, Emily finds herself stranded in the California desert with Death himself. If she can get him to help her, there’s a chance she can cross the vampire- and zombie-swarmed continent to New York, where the remnants of civilization are developing a cure that could make her human again.

But without his powers, Death is mired in a crisis of his own. And he is not used to having company.

The Review

Written in alternate point of views, “The Company of Death” is a cleverly woven post-apolocyptic paranormal fantasy. With a multitude of personalities introduced, we’re given plenty of opportunities to engage with them all in the author’s world. This enables the reader to follow their adventures and plights with relative ease.

There’s interesting world building between the pages of this book one in the series, and while a little slow moving at times, the stumbling blocks aren’t so great that the reader will be pulled out of the narrative. 

The plot and conflict suffers a little with the nature of the series construction. This book feels very much like an introductory story, all be it a well-written one. There’s a lot of focus on the journey with only minor pushes in plot development. 

It really is the main characters, Emily and Death especially, that enable this story to be a fun and at times gripping one. Their very different personalities really add to the overall entertainment of this novel. 

The Reviewer

About Becky: A supporter of indie authors and small presses, Becky lives and breathes literature. A full-time book editor and publisher, Becky and her team have edited well over a thousand books and have published over a hundred. Life is hectic and amazing, but there’s always time for “just one more chapter.”


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