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REVIEW: The Holiday Spirit, by Carole Cummings

The Holiday Spirit

Title: The Holiday Spirit
Series: Escape From the Holidays Collection
Author: Carole Cummings
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Holiday, Magical Realism
LGBTQ+ Category: MM Romance
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Pages/Word Count: 32 pages
Buy Link:

It’s hard being the PA for the Holiday Spirit.

Julian is more dedicated than most, and knows the job inside and out. But that doesn’t mean he’ll still have a job when the new Holiday Spirit is elected. It also doesn’t mean he’s immune to the *cough* charms of the office, but that’s a whole other problem.

Part of the 2018 “Escape from the Holidays” Series

Review by CC Bridges

During the holidays, I have a hard time finding a quiet moment to sit and read a novel. That’s why short stories are so great during this time of the year. “The Holiday Spirit” by Carole Cummings fits that bill entirely.

We meet Julian, the Personal Assistant to the last Holiday Spirit, just as a new one is elected in a ceremony similar to the election of a new pope. Julian is worried about his job, figuring that a new Holiday Spirit would sack him, especially with how poorly things went with the last being to hold the job.

While he frets, we meet his good friends, Rowan, a spirit of Halloween, and Biff who appears to be the spirit of Fall and smells like Pumpkin Spice. Just when Julian fears the worst, we finally meet the Holiday Spirit himself, and that’s when things take a turn that I won’t spoil.

I admit I am a big fan of amthromophicized beings – I cut my teeth on Sandman comics and I loved the movie Rise of the Guardians. So this story especially spoke to me. I really liked how the author made the holiday spirits inclusive. Yes, we have Santa Claus, but all variations of him, including Krampus and Father Christmas. Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and secular holidays are represented as well. And the Holiday Spirit himself embodies the soul of all holidays, no matter the religion or creed.

The author’s prose is especially delightful. It made reading this story a breeze, and makes me want to go check out their other work.

My one complaint is that it’s too short, and I wished I had just a little more time with these characters. I wanted an entire novel, so we could see these characters managing the holidays, working things out, having a blast. I was curious as to how Julian got recruited, and the story left me wanting more.

So if you are looking for a quick read this holiday season that will leave you with a smile, I suggest “The Holiday Spirit.”



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