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Rocking the Haunted House

Haunted House

Today is paranormal day at the Queer Sci Fi blog. And with the weather starting to change and Halloween fast approaching, I thought we’d have a fun topic today. The Haunted House.

This is a classic paranormal/sci-fi staple. It has appeared over and over in movies, TV shows, and literature.

When I was about 12 years old, I read the Amityville Horror from cover to cover in one evening. Unfortunately, it was an evening when I was home alone, and I finished it at around one in the morning. The damn thing left me sleepless for a week.

Good haunted house stories are like that.

Or how about American Horror Story, which featured a Haunted House with gay ghosts one season?

Or who can forget “They’re Baaaaaack” from Poltergeist?

So let’s put an LGBT spin on this. Come up with your own plot for a gay (or lesbian or bi or transgender) haunted house story in five sentences or less – it can be scary, campy, or downright weird. But overall, it must be gay.



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2 thoughts on “Rocking the Haunted House”

  1. A trans* man builds a house and lives there with his partner. They have some kids, a garden, two cats. An evil witch ghost haunts the house. She comes to people in dreams and smothers them until they wake…or don’t. She is the homeowner’s dead female self.


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