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Sci Fi Game Technomancer Includes Gay Scene


The game industry is making progress in trying to get away from the stereotype that the only people that play are straight white men in their 40s living in their mother’s basement.

And that can be seen in The Technomancer, a science fiction action RPG set on Mars 200 years after colonization.

Unlike the majority of games of this type, this one features something different: a gay sex scene.

By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News


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2 thoughts on “Sci Fi Game Technomancer Includes Gay Scene”

  1. Y’know what’s terrible? When he talks to him afterwards, the options are to “Continue the relationship” or “Break up”. Seriously? *laughs* You can fuck him and then just break up with him? They give you the option of being one cold SOB! I almost want to see what happens if you choose to break up with him, because the “continue” option sounded like a pretty permanent thing. But then, I guess I’m too curious for my own good.


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