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Sci Fi vs. Mundania

I’ve been working on a few stories for submission to Dreamspinner – a gay romance publisher. Most of them have had a bit of a sci fi twist – but my latest one, Translation, is a straight-ahead mainstream romance short.

It’s a little weird for me – I enjoyed writing it, but I missed having the twist. I’m not sure that I enjoy writing mundane fiction, even if it is gay-themed.

I finished my second draft and sent it off to several people (including my hubby) for review – so far one rave. We’ll see if Mark likes it.

Now it’s back firmly into the Sci Fi universe. I have two stories I’m working my way through – Oberon, another LGBT love story, but set against a thoroughly sci-fi background with a central mystery, and Colony, the second novella in my prequel work for Forever, my novel.

I need to get those finished, and knock off a few shorter ones, to have things in the pipeline at all times. Sooner or later I’ll get published.

And sooner or later, I have to get back into my novel rewrite.

So many things to do.

Anyone else out there feel the pull between gay fiction and sci-fi/fantasy?

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