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SCIENCE: Does Bigger Penis Size Lead to Evolutionary Disaster?

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You might wonder if a bigger penis size is desirable, then why hasn’t the human race evolved to have bigger ones? Well, the answer has revealed if that happened, it could lead to evolutionary disaster. Researchers have revealed a larger penis could be the biggest cock block to our survival.

Scientists at the Smithsonian National Museum of National History have showed the size and shape of at least one species’ genitals were a disaster.

Analysis of fossils of ostracods, tiny, shrimp-like crustaceons that still around – indicated individuals with larger and more elongated sex organs couldn’t survive. It was found species with bigger sex organs led to ‘estimated extinction rates that were 10 times higher than those of the same species with the lowest investment’. Investment, in scientist talk, means genitalia.

By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News


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2 thoughts on “SCIENCE: Does Bigger Penis Size Lead to Evolutionary Disaster?”

  1. Too many maybes in the Penis size story it looks like to me. Any known mammal examples? Different cultures have admired different size penises per what I read including both ancient Greece and renaissance Italy apparently wanting average to below size appendages. Certainly penis size, so far as I know, has not influenced marriage prospects in recent times. For evolution to influence it there would need to be a breeding success advantage to larger male penises. Gay size queens do not breed much so far as I know.


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