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Science Trying to Answer Why People Are Trans


Why are girls born as girls, and boys as boys? What about an individual who is biologically female but feels or sees oneself as male, or the other way around?

Dr. Qazi Rahman who is a lead investigator into LGBT mental health at King’s College London revealed that science still can’t give a complete answer to those questions.

‘This is the key question at the moment,’ the scientist told The Guardian. ‘We know much more about how nature shapes sexual orientation, and my view of the science is that nurture does very little, if any, shaping of sexual orientation. We know next to nothing about how people come to feel transgender.’

By Nigel Tan – Full Story at Gay Star News


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1 thought on “Science Trying to Answer Why People Are Trans”

  1. Rather than link to research by someone who admits they know little, why not link to research from Professor Milton Diamond formerly of the University of Hawa’ii, and former President of Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS)?

    I also have experience of King’s College “LGBT” researchers deliberately excluding bisexuals from research participation as “that’s not the focus of this study, and we’ll do that later” (still holding my breath).


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