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Scott’s Bits: Pre Con Freak Outs

Scott silent scream

Hey guys,

Angel is her in California, getting ready for the first day of Yaoi Con, so I thought I’d share some of my bits in her absence. In fact, I’ll be off to Yaoi tomorrow for the day, so I will see Angel, Freddy, Alex Woolfson, and a number of other QSFers there (I’ll have buttons if you wanna hit me up!)

Angel goes through a regular ritual of worry before every con, both because of the journey to get there and the fear that everything will get there, on time.

I have my own pre-trip freakouts, usually because I am worried I won’t get everything done workwise in time. This one is no different – even though it’s just a single day for me, I have sooooo much going on, writing wise and otherwise. I have to finish second drafting Wonderland today, write a chapter of River City, bring one of our new websites mostly to a close, and all my other usual tasks.

So my question today – how do you handle pre-con freakout? Do you have a list of things to take? Do you visit your therapist? Do you self medicate with coffee or ice cream? Or are you abnormally calm, like the calm before the storm?

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