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Seeding Humanity

Star Trek Species

Today’s topic is from Beth Brock: “Some scifi writers explain the similarities of humans to other alien races as “seeding”, as in an ancient race went through the universe and “seeded” the worlds with human-like DNA. How do you feel about that explanation that a lot of alien races are similar to humanity? How does that relate to LGBTQ studies?”

I gotta say, this always bugged the hell outta me… why in the Star Trek Universe, for instance, most of the aliens are not only humanoid but could have sex and even produce viable offspring. It always struck me as a bit lazy, even though I do love the series.

I think if you write good science-based sci fi, and you want to have an alien race have children with humans, you have to account for the science of it. It ain’t gonna happen by natural selection and evolution.

Am I wrong?

So my questions to you today – what books or series have you read that have included this premise? How have they dealt with the issue, if at all? Does it bother you when an alien species is biologically compatible with humans? Or is it just me?

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