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Selecting the Sex and Orientation of Your Baby

BabyHi all,

I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile. Before long, we may have the technology to select all kinds of things about our children, including sex and sexual orientation.

There’s long been talk of designer babies – kids that are preselected to be beautiful or unusual or to have athletic prowess and the like.

In our current world, we are increasingly seeing news and information filtered for our own preferences – our own little bubbles – that reinforces what we already believe, and that may be different or even diametrically opposed to what our next-door neighbors are seeing.

Wanna have your child be an elf? Breed an elf. Want your child to be Michael Jordan? Breed an athlete. Want to be sure your child is a traight man? Bingo.

So what if you could “filter” your own child? How would that play out over a decade? Over fifty years? Over a millennium? Would we have different races that were incompatible with each other genetically? What are the other ramifications?


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