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Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

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Today’s topic was suggested by Hank T. Cannon.

So you’ve got a manuscript. You’ve put the finishing touches on it – maybe you’ve done a couple edits, or maybe it’s your magnum opus and you have been writing it and rewriting it for a decade.

Either way, you are finally ready for the general public to see your work. What do you do next?

There are a few routes available to you to get to the finish line.

The traditional one is to either find an agent, or submit the work yourself to publishers, and to hope that one of them picks it up.

The other one is to do it yourself, publishing it in real-world form with a printer and/or in an eBook edition in one or more of the available formats.

But is one better than the other? Or does each model offer different benefits and drawbacks?

We’re lucky enough at QSF to have a great mix of folks who have published with traditional publishing houses, folks who have done it all themselves, and folks who have their feet in both camps. So what do y’all think?

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