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SF Signal’s Favorite Fantasy & Sci Fi Weapons

Sword of Shannara

We asked our respondents about their favorite weapons in genre fiction.

Favorite Weapons: Be it Excalibur or the Point of View Gun, Stormbringer or the BFG, weapons in Fantasy and Science Fiction often have a personality and charm all their own, and sometimes are even characters in their own right.

Q: What are your favorite weapon, or weapons, in fantasy and science fiction.
This is what they said…

Karina Sumner-Smith

Karina Sumner-Smith is the author of fantasy novels Radiant, Defiant, and Towers Fall. In addition to novel-length work, Karina has published a range of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories that have been nominated for the Nebula Award, reprinted in several Year’s Best anthologies, and translated into Spanish and Czech. Visit her online at karinasumnersmith.com.
It’s telling that right now my instinctive response to a question about “favourite weapons” is to describe my preferred weapon load-out in Destiny. Video games have become second only to books in terms of effective escape from the stress of day-to-day life. (For the record, the load-out is: vendor Hawksaw, Binary Dawn with rangefinder, and Thunderlord.)

By Paul Weimer – Full Story at SF Signal

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