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Sources of Inspiration

There are certain books I can read over and over. Not only because I love them or I feel they are good books, but I get a creative charge from reading them. A certain phrase, a particular segment causes my imagination to quicken with ideas. Fragments of story, dialogue, poetry, or simply a response to what I’m reading come to mind. I’m starting to take the time to write down those responses. Certain books I read at a table with a notebook standing by, so I’m ready to jot down a particular quote or a snippet of story, poetry, and whatever might emerge from my reaction.

This is different from research where I’m looking for specific information about a particular topic. This is more free-form, a way to kick myself free from blockage, ruts, or an inability to write anything. All the while I read, I ask myself questions. Why is this particular book so special? What lessons can I draw from it to apply to my own writing?

How about you, dear reader? Are there any books you not only love, but give you ideas for your own work?


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2 thoughts on “Sources of Inspiration”

  1. Kari, I’m a former teacher/school administrator and I’ve been doing that for years! I’ve got so many notebooks now…I’ve started separate ones for books I want to read, places I want to travel, musicians and songs…I’m afraid I’ll be buried under them some day and won’t get to go to 1/2 the places I’ve listed…but I lover knowing they’re there, ready to be referred to at a moment’s notice. I especially love looking back to see the way my interests have changed over time.

    • Wow, I’m impressed with how you’ve organized them! I’m right there with you in getting buried beneath the pile. (wry grin) Going back and looking over them, it is like discovering your past self, where you were at different times. It can be quite a revelation at times.


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