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Sources of Inspiration: Writing Itself

Sometimes I’ve found the best source of inspiration is to simply pick up a pencil and start writing. Or to force myself to start typing at a keyboard.

There’s something about moving my hands, putting words down on a page (or screen) even if those words are garbage.

I may be tired. I may to do something else. I sit down, groaning and grumbling. I stare at what I’ve written or an empty page. I try to think of few sentences, even if they’re jarring or not quite right.

I’ve found that stopping at an exciting moment, at the height of tension makes it much easier to jump back into the plot.

If I’ve got a blank page, I try to think of an exciting moment, a key scene in my story. I fumble for the words, even if they’re not quite coming out right.

After stumbling about, I find the words coming more smoothly. Just by writing, I find myself moving forward.

I usually have to go back and edit what I’ve written. I have a base, though, something to inspire myself to improve. Once more I’m getting interested and involved with my story.

There are experienced writers who talk of doing this regularly. To them, it’s not inspiration or creativity at all. It’s a muscle reaction, which they flex. They start writing, they move forward.

It may begin like that. Often I’ve found creativity chasing after me, leaping into what I’ve written once I’ve begun.

What about you, dear reader/writer? Has this ever happened to you?



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1 thought on “Sources of Inspiration: Writing Itself”

  1. Absolutely. “Waiting for inspiration” is bollocks, and every high productivity writer will agree.

    The muse says you need her but she’s a liar. The muse is an addict, you start creating and she’ll turn up. Every time.

    You just effing write.

    (I cringe at the irony of this post being tagged as “sources of inspiration”.)


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