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SPACE: NASA Forgets About Lesbians

Mars - pixabay

NASA apparently floated sending an all-female crew to Mars – and people have pointed out the slight sapphic issue with that plan. Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut to go to space, made the revelation during at an event during the New Scientist Live festival in London.

Sharman, who was part of private British space programme Project Juno, said the report highlighted concerns about male and female astronauts having sex during the 18-month trip to Mars. Because of this, NASA allegedly said that all-female crews would be best because women work better as a team.

NASA proposed this idea because women were less likely to compete to be leader of the group, the report said, according to the Mail Online. She suggested that there had been an official NASA study looking at “impure thoughts” astronauts may experience during a mission to Mars.

By Josh Jackman – Full Story at Pink News

3 thoughts on “SPACE: NASA Forgets About Lesbians”

  1. The Daily Mail / Mail Online is a racist/homophobic piece of shit that pretends to be news, and this story is probably utter bollocks.


  2. If you put a bunch of rocket scientists (face it, it’s NASA, they’re all rocket scientists) in a back room and say, figure out all the permutations for X and come up with a solution, show your work and reasoning for your conclusions, that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Political correctness be damned.


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