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SPACE: What If Black Holes Aren’t Black – Or Holes?

black holes - deposit photos

Black holes, those gravitational monsters so named because no light can escape their clutches, are by far the most mysterious objects in the universe.

But a new theory proposes that black holes may not be black at all. According to a new study, these black holes may instead be dark stars home to exotic physics at their core. This mysterious new physics may cause these dark stars to emit a strange type of radiation; that radiation could in turn explain all the mysterious dark matter in the universe, which tugs on everything but emits no light.

Dark Stars

Thanks to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which describes how matter warps space-time, we know that some massive stars can collapse in on themselves to such a degree that they just keep collapsing, shrinking down into an infinitely tiny point — a singularity.

Full Story From Live Science 

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