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SPOILERS: Star Trek Discovery Adds Non-Binary Actor/Character

Blu del Barrio - CBS/Netflix

Star Trek: Discovery makes trans history in its latest episode, with the non-binary actor Blu del Barrio making their exciting debut as Adira – and there’s a lot more to their character than meets the eye.

After a big, bold start to the third season, Star Trek: Discovery continues at a clippy pace as the crew get their bearings in the 23rd century, a universe that’s vastly different to the one they knew.

Episode three sees the Discovery journey to Earth to learn what became of the Federation all those centuries ago. Enter newcomer Blu del Barrio as the teen genius Adira, an Earth inspector who boards the ship to investigate the curiously outdated technology of Stamets’ lab.

Del Barrio and their co-star Ian Alexander play the very first trans and non-binary roles in Star Trek‘s 54-year history, with Adira’s identity becoming a lot more nuanced as the plot thickens.

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