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Star Trek Discovery: Where Was The F*&%(#g Kiss?

Ok. It’s officially an obsession : the new iteration of Star Trek. A love/hate relationship? Oh, yeah. Visuals, fabulous – plot lines and continued stereotypes, dreadful. Ugh! I’ve put up with so much regurgitation of plot lines and tropes over the last month – I really hoped and dreamed that somehow the show would manage to move beyond these old chestnuts. Episode five pretty much convinced me that I was bound to be disappointed. Until the last scene. The gay science officer and the gay chief medical officer alone in their quarters, talking over recent traumatic events. The director/writer nailed the scene with the tandem tooth-brushing – a perfect domestic cohabitation scene. But then they fucked it up. Truly fucked it up. Let me down. Let all of us down. A scene that would have ended up with a deeply affectionate or even passionate kiss had the couple been heterosexual , ended with a coy touch and a cold parting. Geez! WTF? What godamned century are we living in? I just can’t express how pissed I am at the cowardess of the producer/director/writer . Where are your cojones? I am so, so, so angry.


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1 thought on “Star Trek Discovery: Where Was The F*&%(#g Kiss?”

  1. You’re expecting way too much. This is television and these guys couldn’t even grow a pair when it was a movie. Remember how before Beyond was released they were hyping that in the reboot universe Sulu was gay? Well everything we saw in that movie could have indicated that he was some kids favorite uncle. They know that most of the audience could deal with more, but they don’t want to risk their brand in the flyover states and the deep South. If they get too much flack about how they’re handling things in the Discovery universe I’m sure the writers are fully prepared to ley everyone know that the characters are hermaphrodites or one of them is a robot or anything other than that they are both dudes.


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