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Stephen Hawking on Colonizing Alien Worlds

Steven Hawking - Expedition New Earth

The computer-generated voice of the late physicist Stephen Hawking will address audiences once again from their television screens on March 25, during his appearance in one of the last TV projects of his life.

In the Smithsonian Channel documentary “Leaving Earth: Or How to Colonize a Planet,” Hawking shares his long-held vision of humanity confronting an uncertain future on Earth by looking to the stars, and setting a course that will lead us to one day inhabit distant worlds beyond our own solar system.

Where we would go, how we would get there and what it would take to make an alien planet habitable are just a few of the questions that Hawking and other scientists address as they confront the challenges that people would face in order to colonize Earth 2.0.

By Mindy Weisberger – Full Story at Live Science

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