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REVIEW: Strays, by Elizabeth Noble


Title: Strays

Author: Elizabeth Noble

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy Romance

LGBTQ+ Category: MM Gay

Publisher: Self

Pages: 95

Reviewer: Sharon, Paranormal Romance Guild

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About The Book

Kyle Anderson grew up with the lie that he was among the last babies born before a pandemic decimated the human race. Then Kyle’s quiet, lonely life as a research assistant and student is shattered when he discovers the government has been lying to the world for more than twenty years. Now on the run from authorities who would kill for his silence, Kyle is taken in by Daniel Shanks, a member of a militia group dedicated to discovering the truth.

Daniel has seen death and violence in this new, radically changed society, and the closer he gets to Kyle, the harder his fears ride him. Both men need to stop listening to the lies told by the government and start facing the lies they’ve been telling themselves, because the only place strays like them may be safe in this uncertain world is in each other’s hearts.

The Review

This lil novie is a re-release complete with a dark foreboding cover, much different than the original. 

I enjoyed this little tale of the future. Young Kyle is one of the last to be born before the infertility plague swept the planet. Now at 22, Kyle is on the run from the government, because of a secret regarding the plague.

Militia agent, Daniel finds the young man wounded during one of  his area checks and decides to help him. Knowing if he doesn’t take him back to base the young man will die, but if he does, what might this mean for him? 

One might imagine in this type of world romance evolves into something different than what we know or are comfortable with. However, in places of hardship and war, I would imagine stolen moments of happiness and love do look quite different. So when Daniel and Kyle fall into love it comes as no surprise, and is believable…at least to me.

The story is filled with action and dangerous moments, as well as a bit of humor here and there. There is an age-gap relationship, first time sexually explicit scenes, and tender moments to off set the danger and even sadness. 

Quite a bit is packed into this short read and I am glad it got a reboot! If you enjoy sci-fi/ fantasy, dystopian reads with MM pairings give this one a shot. 

4.00 i-will-shoot-you-twice-stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Reviewer

I am like totally psyched to be a part of the PRG Family! (said in my best “Valley Girl” teen voice from 1984) I may be fairly new to the world of e-books, and audiobooks, but I am an old school girl so my print library reflects that. My sons call my reading room “The Dragon Lair,” with all the floor to ceiling bookshelves packed with everything from shifter romance novels to books on the Witches’ Goddess Hecate.

I love reading and read my first novel, “The Ring,” by Danielle Steel when I was in the 5th grade. While there were some things I didn’t “get” I completely understood the story as a whole and remember crying at certain times. While my friends read “Little House in the Big Woods,” I fell in love with ROMANCE! Decades later I am older, hopefully wiser, and still in love with romance. These days however my heart is captured by MM Romance, so that’s what I currently love to read and review…. 

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