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Queer Sci Fi is, in many ways, a labor of love for us. But we do have some expenses, including conferences we attend under the QSF banner.

There are a few ways to help support us, and they all get you something too!

Red Bubble

Red BubbleWe’re partnering with a site called Red Bubble to offer Queer Sci Fi branded merchandise. You can now buy a shirt, mug, mousepad, and much more with the QSF brand – and every purchase helps support the site. :)

Amazon Associates

amazon_cart-299x300Many folks like to buy their books directly from independent publishers. And that’s fantastic! Both authors and publishers make more money that way.

But a lot of us also like buying books in the Amazon ecosystem. If you are one of those, start on the Queer Sci Fi site and click on one of the Amazon links on one of the announced books on the site. From there, whatever you buy in that session will generate a little revenue for the site. It’s not huge, but we did make more than $50 in associate fees in December. :)

Thanks for the help!



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