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Announcement: Paternity Ward, by Abraham Steele

Paternity Ward

QSFer Abraham Steele has a new paranormal book out: Newly in charge of his pack’s paternity ward, Eli cares about nothing more than his patients. The omega midwife would do anything to keep them safe and healthy. When an unexpected alpha arrives, Eli is appalled. Magnus is mean, he’s rude… and it’s clear that he’s the omega’s mate. Eli can’t stop himself from craving Magnus’s hard body and rough touch. But even as the gentle young shifter allows him access to his body, he won’t give him his heart. The brash alpha has never needed an omega’s respect before. For … Read more

Announcement: Hidden Shifter, by Abraham Steele

QSFer Abraham Steele has a new paranormal book out: Samuel Hillwell is in mourning for a man he’s never met. The handsome alpha waited too long to contact the Fated Date Agency. There was always a stock trade or a trip to Europe that seemed more important. His mate passed away just days before he reached out. As he goes into a downward spiral, questioning everything he’s based his life on, he can only wish he’d had one night with his deceased omega. Caden Grey is on the run. After surgically altering his face and travelling across the country, the … Read more

Announcement: Mail Order Husbands, by Abraham Steele

Mail Order Husbands

QSFer Abraham Steele has a new Paranormal book out: Edmund Knox is an upstanding citizen, a devoted father, and the alpha of a large urban shifter pack. He came out of the closet when he got divorced, but his numerous responsibilities haven’t allowed him to date in recent years. No, he isn’t lonely – or at least, he’d never admit to that kind of weakness. When Edmund gets a little too controlling about his daughter’s love life, the rebellious teen realizes he might be less uptight if he had a love life of his own. Taking matters into her own … Read more

Announcement: Starry-Eyed, by Abraham Steele

Starry Eyed

QSFer Abraham Steele has a new paranormal book out: Class schedule and textbooks – check. Rainbow pin on each butt cheek – check. Badass pothead fag hag – check. Yes, Dayton is ready for his freshman year of college. All the omega twink needs now is a cutie (or several) to play with. After years of being bullied and ignored, he’s finally out on his own – and he’s ready to take full advantage of that! As soon as Dayton sees his astronomy professor, all thoughts of sluttiness go out the window. No one else can compare to the handsome … Read more

Announcement: Omega’s Lie, by Abraham Steele

Omega's Lie, by Abraham Steele

QSFer Abraham Steele has a new paranormal book out: Bryant didn’t know, okay? When the Fated Date Agency matched him with an alpha, he had no idea that it was Cade. Of course, that excuse didn’t hold up for long. Soon the bookish young omega figured out who he was emailing. Bryant made the choice to keep it a secret from the best friend he’d always crushed on – and to let Cade believe he was talking to a woman. The thing was, Cade was straight. No matter what the agency said about them being fated mates, it was never … Read more