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Announcement: Checkmate, by Dusk Peterson


QSFer Dusk Peterson has a new alternative history book out: The Eternal Dungeon is no longer a prison. It’s a battlefield. Split apart from their closest loves and friends, a small group of prison-workers seek to abolish the use of torture against prisoners in the queendom’s royal dungeon. Time is running out, for the deadly High Seeker has already flogged and executed prison-workers who opposed his policies. Do the reformers have enough time and skill to bring about radical change in the dungeon? Will they be able to overcome their mistrust of one another? This suspenseful novel can be read … Read more

Discussion: Alternate History – When Things Changed

JFK alternative history

Today’s topic comes from QSFer John Allenson: “When things changed. What stories do you like that rewrite an event in history? Examples: What if Napolean had decided to invade Scotland rather than Russia? What if Abraham Lincoln had lost the election to become POTUS?” I like this one. It’s an area of speculative fiction we don’t discuss all that often – the future as seen from the past. There are so many moments when history spun on a dime and went off in another direction because of a single event or series of events. So where would you change the … Read more