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HISTORY: Did Amazons Really Exist?

female archer - amazon - deposit photos

Were the Amazons of ancient Greek mythology — fierce female warriors said to have roamed a vast area around the Black Sea known as Scythia — real? Or were they as fictitious as other Greek myths, such as Aphrodite emerging from genitals thrown into the sea or Jason stealing a golden fleece? Modern historians assumed that the Amazons, first documented by the poet Homer in the eighth century B.C., were fantasy. But then, in the 1990s, archaeologists began identifying ancient female skeletons buried in warrior graves in the same region. Some skeletons were found with combat injuries, such as arrowheads … Read more

FOR BOTH: Evolving Historical Cultures

Black Panther

FOR WRITERS & READERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer SA Collins: Amazons and other similar “historical” cultures – from a writing craft standpoint, why do we freeze these cultures in time, and not let them evolve with their own form of science/magic that would take them out of the stone/bronze age? Would these evolved cultures wouldn’t have created and moved past such historical weapons? What makes us, as an evolved society, think that a culturally rich environment can’t make leaps and epic discoveries if they are equally competent in education and technology? Black Panther demonstrates this well. How can … Read more