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NEW RELEASE: Prolepsis – J. Scott Coatsworth

Prolepsis - J. Scott Coatsworth

QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth has a new MM sci-fi time travel story out: Prolepsis. PROLEPSIS pro.lep.sis: The representation of a thing as existing before it actually does What if you could change the course of queer history, one story at a time? It’s the fall of 1986, the age of walkmans, mix tapes, floppy discs and Jolt Cola. Sean’s a twenty-five-year-old closeted gay sci-fi geek who runs a popular pulp ‘zine called Prolepsis. A geek with a crush on the cute guy named Jason who works at the post office. One day a pink envelope from an author named I.H. … Read more

“Ink” – The Judge’s Choices

Ink Judge's Choice

It’s time for the next round of announcements for our 2021 QSF spec fiction contest. First off, the five Judges’ Choices. These stories were not chosen as our top three winners, but were singled out by our judges and director for special recognition. Congrats to all! Judge: Angel Martinez EduTron 6000 + Principal Vertner 4EverBrenna Harvey “The Ink-themed entries for this year’s flash fiction contest were surprisingly blood and death laden (surprising to me, at any rate), so the lighthearted stories really stood out for me. I found this particularly whimsical piece completely charming with a surprising amount of world … Read more