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Ayres and Graces: Queer Author Interview

Being a writer is already a huge challenge and being a queer writer brings with it a whole new set of challenges. This week we have queer writer and artist duo Finn Lucullan and Kate Larking who jointly create the queer space opera webcomic Crash & Burn. I spend my entire first impression explaining what I am rather than what I do. — Finn What challenges have you personally faced as a queer writer? Finn: Hello! I’m Finn, a 22 year old queer (agender aromantic, would call my sexuality “queer” for lack of a better term) writer and artist from Canada. … Read more

Announcement: The Jeweled Dagger, by Bran Lindy Ayers

The Jeweled Dagger

QSFer Bran Lindy Ayers has a new steampunk book out: Spymaster Lafayette Goddard knows better than to trust anyone in their line of work. Now they sit in prison with information that could save the Queen yet they cannot bring themselves to trust the new Captain of the Royal Guard. Even if it means losing everything they’ve worked so hard for. All Captain Jasper Stanton ever wanted was a chance to prove himself. Mistakenly imprisoning Lafayette isn’t how he planned on distinguishing himself. Now he must try to win the former spy’s respect if he wants cooperation investigating the conspiracy. … Read more