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ANNOUNCEMENT: Believe and Live, by Cody Sisco

Believe and Live

QSFer Cody Sisco has a new queer sci fi short out: Mía Barrias is taking a break from managing the governor’s re-election campaign to honeymoon in Carmichael, a small resort town in Semiautonomous California. But she wakes up to a nightmare—sleeping gas wafts through the town, self-driving cars run people down in the streets, and a man clad in black is killing people with a stunstick as he tells them to “Believe and Live.” Can Mía survive long enough to outwit the man behind the massacre and bring help to the people of Carmichael, including a special four-year-old named Victor … Read more

Announcement: Broken Mirror, by Cody Sisco

Broken Mirror

QSFer Cody Sisco has a new sci fi book out: Diagnosed with mirror resonance syndrome, Victor suffers “blank outs,” hallucinations, and vivid nightmares. He violently overreacts to even minor confrontations. He is shunned by society in Semiautonomous California and struggles to live in the shadow of his diagnosis. Would that have changed if Granfa Jefferson – a man who devoted his life to researching a cure for mentally ill Broken Mirrors like Victor – were still alive? In a world very familiar yet strangely different from our own, Victor must walk a precarious line between sanity and reclassification – a … Read more