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Comics: Gay Captain America Makes Mysterious Return

Gay Captain America

An openly queer rendition of Captain America is finally returning to Marvel Comics and fans are beyond excited. Aaron Fischer – the unabashedly queer Captain America of the railways – will make his return in the upcoming eighth issue of Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. The comic, which is set to release on Wednesday (4 January), sees Fischer team up with Steve Rogers to help bring various heroes back together after a mysterious calamity pulled them apart. During the preview, Rogers praises Fischer for “doing the good work” and helping to save those in need. Along with other iconic characters, … Read more

VIDEO: Billy Eichner IS Captain America

Captain America

Step aside, Chris Evans — Billy Eichner is our new Captain America. Taking Twitter by storm, user @homeisarealsong dubbed over a scene from Captain America: Civil War with audio from Eichner’s comedy show Billy on the Street. In the scene, Cap is running with some of his fellow superheroes on their way to battle other superheroes (like Iron Man and Spider-Man). With the new audio, Cap shouts out: ‘Come on, lesbians!’ And really, that’s the superhero movie we all need. it’s midnight and i’m tired so i made this — lissy (@homeisarealsong) July 8, 2018 By Anya Crittenton – … Read more

VIDEO: When Superheroes Go Gay

You’ve likely seen nothing like this rendition of The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s massive hit “Something Just Like This” from Bryan Hawn and former adult film actor Reese Rideout, who recorded their own vocals for the cover. Hawn plays ‘Captain America’ and ‘Batman’ and Rideout (aka Nick Dent) plays ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Superman’ in this frothy performance in a hidden cavern somewhere along the coast which can only be described as a superhero butt ballet. By AUTHOR – Full Story at SOURCE

Captain America Star on Supporting His Gay Brother

Chris and Scott Evans

Captain America star Chris Evans has said he is inspired by his gay brother. The 35-year-old Marvel star has said any activism he does comes from his experiences supporting his brother Scott in the light of the US election. ‘It’s really important to put faces in the situations that we’re navigating as a society,’ Evans said, saying America is in ‘tricky times right now’. ‘I’ve never felt any sort of backlash or friction as a result of the stance I’ve taken in my career in support of him or any other human rights… hopefully it stays that way going forward,’ … Read more

Captain America and Bucky Get Together – in Porn

Captain America and Bucky Barnes are finally going to have gay sex, but it won’t exactly be canon. Following the excitement over gay porn versions of X-Men: Apocalypse and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was only a matter of time we would have an XXX version of Captain America: Civil War. Instead of those long glances and meaningful stares in the Marvel film, we’ll likely find out who tops and bottoms in the version between the two superheroes. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News

Finally, The Captain Kisses Bucky

Captain America and Bucky

Well, kinda… #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, and most are hoping it’s going to be ‘best friend’ Bucky Barnes. But even if they don’t, fans can be happy by imagining what it would be like for Cap and Bucky to get together. So it was only natural that when actors Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, who spent the weekend at Wizard World in Philadelphia, posed for staged photos with fans that something was going to happen. Two fans, dressed as Cap and Bucky, kissed in front of the actors that played them. And while Chris and Seb may be a little surprised, they’re certainly … Read more


After becoming the first movie in 2016 to pass the $1 billion mark worldwide in just 24 days since its release, Captain America: Civil War is already gaining legendary status. Now, fans of the Marvel muscled superhero want to find him a boyfriend. Since last Sunday, social media has been inundated with requests for Marvel Comics to find Captain America, the alter ego of Steve Rogers, his true (same-sex) love. The #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend movement started trending on Twitter earlier this week, and as of Tuesday evening 176,000 tweets with the hashtag were trending on the social media website. It sounds serious. … Read more

Captain America Gay Fan Art

Captain America

Captain America: Civil War, much like most superhero fans, is probably going to be as straight as all the other ones. But we can dream. Who would you want to pair Steve Rogers with? You might think to go with Iron Man, as they each other’s main adversary in the film and that’s normally but how it goes, but there’s a lot more gay subtext with a separate character. And that man is Bucky Barnes, the best friend from the past that turns out to be the Winter Soldier. With easily the most chemistry in any of the superhero films … Read more