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Immortal Hulk Character Comes Out As Trans

Dr Charlene McGowan - Immortal Hulk

A character in Marvel Comics’ Immortal Hulk series has revealed that she’s trans, saying she only tells people she knows well about her gender identity. Dr. Charlene McGowan is a relatively new character in the comic series, Screen Geek reports, and tells Doc Samson in issue 32 that she is a trans woman. Dr. McGowan tells Samson about her gender identity because she is afraid of a new ploy by another character, called Xemnu, to alter the memories of the world. She explains that the idea bothers her because she spent so much time questioning her own gender identity before … Read more

TV: CW Working on Lesbian, Jewish Batwoman Show


Batman? Who needs Batman? Certainly not Gotham, when Batwoman is around! According to Variety, The CW is developing a Batwoman series to add to their ‘Arrowverse’ (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow). In May, the network announced the character of Batwoman aka Kate Kane will appear in this fall’s annual crossover between the four Arrowverse shows. Now they’re developing a solo series for Kate, with a premiere date sometime in 2019. Caroline Dries is writing and executive producing the show. She has a relationship with The CW, having previously worked on The Vampire Diaries and Melrose Place. By … Read more

An Openly Queer Loki in New Comic Book Series?

Queer Loki

Loki might be getting his own queer book. Mackenzi Lee announced on Twitter she will be writing a series of historical fiction novels that will focus on ‘popular anti-heroes.’ The first will feature Loki, known for being the adopted brother of Avenger Thor. Lee was asked on Twitter if the book was going to be queer: “Loki is a canonically pansexual and gender fluid character.” By Charlie Mathers – Full Story at Gay Star News

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fixit (Comic Adaptation), by Erik Schubach

Fixit comic

QSFer Erik Schubach has a new FF sci fi comic book out: Fixit, she’s out of this world… This comic book follows Fixit, a worker on the surface of Tau Ceti Prime. She is an ace mechanic who keeps the automated harvesting machines in good running order. She has never missed a quota in her efforts help to feed all the people “topside” in the giant floating cities in the sky. She has to make her first trip to the technologically advanced cities for the first time in her life to make an emergency shipment to New Terra City because … Read more

COMICS: Iceman Gets His First Gay Kiss

Iceman gay kiss

Comics has had another landmark moment as adult Iceman – Bobby Drake – has had his first gay kiss. But wait, you’re saying, hasn’t Iceman been out and gay with a boyfriend for a while now? To be clear, there are two Icemans currently running around the comics X-Men universe. There is the adult Iceman, the same one that comic fans have grown up with since the 1960s. There is also a time-displaced Iceman, after teenage Bobby was brought from the past to the present. Teen Bobby was outed by psychic Jean Grey, and has since come out, kissed a … Read more

Comic Features Lesbian Kiss

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars

A comic book has included its first lesbian kiss. The opening edition of The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars showed the titular protagonist, Korra, and her love interest, Asami, finally locking lips. The pair met each other on the animated TV show of the same name, which was a continuation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a cartoon about four kinds of superpowered humans locked in conflict. The last episode of the TV programme ended on a cliffhanger, with the pair going on holiday to the Spirit World, holding hands but never explicitly confirming their attraction. By Josh Jackman – Full … Read more

COMICS: Bob the Drag Queen is Now a Superhero

Bob the Drag Queen Comic

Bob the Drag Queen has a new comic strip where she stars as Kickass Drag Queen. The season 8 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race is writing the comic, and New York Citycomedian Matteo Lane is doing the illustrations. The first issue introduces Bob as a tired barista who can transform into Kickass Drag Queen to save the day. Here, Pocket Gay is surrounded by gym bunnies spouting Grindr-speak, until Kickass appears. By Alex Bollinger – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

Interview: Beckah and Jill – Magical Boy Basil

Magical Boy Basil

Last week on M3, a new face stopped by the group – Jill of the comic book writing duo Beckah and Jill. They write Magical Boy Basil, a free webcomic about a group of magical teens. It’s adorable. They also have a Kickstarter to help them put out a print edition of the comic with some great rewards. Thanks, guys, for stopping by for the interview! I’m so glad you guys stumbled upon us on Queer Sci Fi – how did you find the group? JILL: Well, it turns out that Angel Martinez and I will be on a panel … Read more

ENTERTAINMENT: Iceman Gets a Kiss

Iceman Gay Kiss

Iceman has had his long-awaited first gay kiss since coming out in the X-Men universe. The younger time-displaced Bobby Drake met his first boyfriend, Romeo, back in All-New X-Men #13. Four issues later, we finally see the superhero get his moment. It begins with Inhuman Romeo and X-Man Iceman on one of their first dates. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at Gay Star News

News: Rowling Approves Queer Harry Potter Pic as Pulse Benefit

Harry Potter Queer Art

An anthology comic being produced to benefit the victims and families who lost loved ones in the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Fla., has scored the support of a huge name in publishing: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who according to Bleeding Cool, has for the first time ever permitted a drawing of her beloved Hogwarts characters in a comic book. And not just any sketch; the approved illustration for Love Is Love, by Jim Lee, features Harry with his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and their beloved gay former headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, as they cast a spell that … Read more