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ANNOUNCEMENT: Leander, by Danielle Summers


QSFer Danielle Summers has a new MM fantasy book out: Can a human survive being introduced to his elf boyfriend’s parents? Leander Brooks hopes so. He loves the human world, but misses his elven family. And his human boyfriend Michael Jensen has been nagging him for months to introduce him to his parents. Leander thinks he has prepared Michael for the cold reception he might receive. Soon, he learns he hasn’t prepared him enough for a situation that quickly goes from hostile to potentially deadly. Michael was thrilled when he learned that he was going to meet Leander’s family at … Read more

Announcement: Tales of the Thasali Harem Series, by Danielle Summers and Jade Astor

Once Upon a Harem Boy

Danielle Summers and Jade Astor have a new MM fantasy/sci fi series coming out: Danielle Summers and Jade Astor have joined forces with Tulabella Ruby Press to create Tales of the Thasali Harem, a series set in one of the royal family’s harems on the planet of Oranto. — The prequel, Once Upon a Harem Boy, by Danielle Summers is available for free from most ebook retailers: Duga Rigers, a handsome 18-year old living in a feudal society, has spent his whole life hungry and struggling and dreading the day when he would have to join his father working in … Read more