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Darth Vader Actor Dies at 85

David Prowse - Darth Vader

David Prowse, the British weightlifting champion and man behind the Darth Vader mask, has died. He was 85. The actor’s management company shared the news of his passing early Sunday morning on social media “with great regret and heart-wrenching sadness for us and million of fans around the world.” Prowse wore the Darth Vader costume in the original Star Wars trilogy, while James Earl Jones provided the villain’s iconic voice. At a towering 6-foot-7 tall, the actor was originally offered a choice between the role of Vader or Chewbacca. In an interview with NPR in 2008, Prowse explained why he … Read more

Darth Vader’s Theme on a Coffee Stirrer

Here’s how to give your morning cup of joe an interstellar “Star Wars” twist. Pinging a simple plastic coffee stirrer on the edge of a table, Deita Meira achieved a rousing rendition of Darth Vader’s “Imperial March” theme. Meira, from Ufa in central Russia, posted the clip to YouTube on Tuesday and it’s since garnered more than 1 million views. By Lee Moran – Full Story at The Huffington Post

Darth Vader Yule Log

Again, just too awesome not to post: Who wants the hassle and maintenance of a real fireplace when Netflix serves up a convincing yule log you can just stream to your living room TV? Or better yet, why not just give in to all the Star Wars mania and curl up next to Anakin Skywalker’s burning corpse on a cold winter’s night. If this five hour loop of Darth Vader’s funeral pyre on YouTube doesn’t get you in the mood for the holidays, nothing will.

Star Wars Plus Donald Trump – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Darth Trump

Have you been confused by the steady stream of tyrannical nonsense spouted by GOP presidential wannabe Donald Trump? Wondering just what the hell it all means, and what will happen, God forbid, if he somehow rides a wave of hot air infused bullshit into the White House next year? The geniuses at YouTube channel Auralnauts have a preview for you with this supercut of Star Wars baddie Darth Vader spouting Trump-isms. Here’s hoping the Force is with us, looks like we’re gonna need all the help we can get. Story from Joe.My.God