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FILM: Will PG Version of Deadpool 2 Erase Lesbian Relationship?

Deadpool 2

The producers of Deadpool 2 have announced that an edited PG-13 version of the film will be released, casting doubt over whether it will include the movie’s groundbreaking lesbian relationship. Fans praised the second installation of Deadpool earlier this year for introducing Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna), the girlfriend of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). Entertainment website Deadline has reported that 20th Century Fox will release a PG-13 film called Once Upon A Deadpool in cinemas from December 12 to Christmas Eve. The youth-friendly version of the movie will be largely made up of edited clips from Deadpool 2, which meet the requirements for the lower age-rating. This means there … Read more

FILM: Deadpool 2 Features a Lesbian Superhero Couple

Deadpool 2 Lesbian Couple

Deadpool 2 is finally here – and reports of a same-sex romance in the film were true. The film, released on Tuesday, brings back Ryan Reynolds as everyone’s favourite dirty-talking, R-rated superhero.  Brianna Hildebrand makes a comeback as moody teenage mutant Negasonic Teenage Warhead, but this time she’s very much not alone. Early in the film, the X-Men character introduces her new girlfriend – the badass mutant Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). By Nick Duffy – Full Story at Pink News

VIDEO: Deadpool Dancing in Heels. You’re Welcome.

Deadpool in Heels

The new promo clip for Deadpool 2 is an epic combination of Ryan Reynolds in heels, Celine Dion, modern dance and a philharmonic orchestra. Because Deadpool doesn’t do things by halves. Reynolds shared a new promo clip for the upcoming movie on his Twitter account and it features famous warbler Dion. The singer commands the stage – as usual – in a white gown while Marvel’s favourite anti-hero prances around her, gracing the planks with sleek and sexy moves – all while sporting stilettos. The video is about four minutes long and also features scenes from the movie. Showtime, Mama. … Read more

Deadpool 2 to Have Bisexual, Polyamorous Superhero


Deadpool 2 will feature a bisexual and polyamorous superhero, it has been revealed. Shatterstar, who has appeared in Marvel comics since 1991, will star alongside Ryan Reynolds’ pansexual Deadpool in the as-yet-untitled sequel to the 2016 smash hit.  His kiss in 2009 with gay superhero Rictor was the first same-sex kiss in a mainstream Marvel comic. By Josh Jackman – Full Story at Pink News

FILM: New Trailer for Deadpool 2

New Deadpool 2 Trailer

The trailer for Deadpool 2 has finally been released. There is  a new antagonist in the shape of the time-travelling guns-blazing Cable. Secretly the child of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and the Phoenix (Jean Grey), Cable is set to be a hilarious foil for the quippy anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds. Fitting the fourth-wall breaking of the first film, Deadpool throws some major shade at DC. ‘Why are the visual effects not done? It’s a metal arm! It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache!’ he says. This is in reference to the poor attempts to remove Henry Cavil’s mustache … Read more

FILM: Ryan Reynolds Tweets First Pic of Cable from Deadpool 2


Ryan Reynolds has unveiled the first photo of the character Cable from the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. The star shared the photo of ‘Milk’ star Josh Brolin as Cable with the caption “your premium cable provider”. Some fans had previously thought that a picture tweeted by Reynolds of himself, Hugh Jackman and Pierse Brosnan hinted that the latter would play Cable in the upcoming sequel. By Joseph Patrick McCormick – Full Story at Pink News

‘Deadpool 2′ Teaser Shows Ryan Reynolds’ Backside


Our favorite anti-hero is back to save the day. Or at least come super close to saving it. On Saturday, Ryan Reynolds released a teaser for the upcoming “Deadpool 2” movie on YouTube. In it, the badly scarred, wise-cracking killer sees an elderly man getting robbed and takes to a phone booth to get changed. He doesn’t pull it off as well as Superman. Also, you get to see Reynolds’ butt ― and we know that’s why you clicked on this story. By Sebastian Murdock – Full Story at The Huffington Post