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TV: ‘Arrow’ Star Bex Taylor-Klaus Comes Out as Enby

Bex Taylor-Klaus

“Arrow” and “Scream” star Bex Taylor-Klaus has come out as transgender non-binary. Taylor-Klaus, 23, made the announcement on Twitter posting “I came out as trans non-binary in a room full of people today. Guess it’s time for me to do that on here, too …Hi. I’m Bex, and the rumors are true. I’m v enby.” Taylor-Klaus made a similar announcement about their sexuality on Twitter in 2016. “hello my name is bex and yes the rumors are true I am v gay,” they posted. By Mariah Cooper – Full Story at The Washington Blade

FOR READERS: Blurring the Gender Spectrum

gender spectrum - pixabay

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Hank T. Cannon: What books do you like where masculinity/femininity, etc. is portrayed as a continuum? Where characters don’t exist as only binary choices when it comes to gender? Where gender identity is one more piece of a complex puzzle of who characters are, alongside race, class, and sexual identity? I’ve updated and edited the original topic a bit. Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat This is a legacy chat.

VIDEO GAMES: Pink White or Blue Focuses on Gender Identity and Dysphoria

Pink White or Blue

Pink White or Blue is a new video game by Esmada Interactive that follows a young person as they navigate the world unsure of where they belong. In the narrative story, which features some elements of horror, you play a transgender person trying to cope with a binary world. The Game ‘You start Pink White or Blue as a feminine character in a beautiful country ranch, picking flowers and spending time with the horses that roam there. It’s an idyllic life, full of beauty and happiness, but you find pages of a comic book that tell a story of someone … Read more

TV: “Billions” Features a Beautiful Enby Sex Scene

Taylor - Asia Kate Dillon - Billions

Billions has shown a non-binary sex scene in a landmark move. Last year, the Showtime drama introduced Taylor, a character who does not identify as male or female, played by Asia Kate Dillon, who is also non-binary. They were widely considered to be the first representation of a non-binary character on TV. The acclaimed TV show, which stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, tells the story of a battle between a top hedge fund and the New York District Attorney’s office. Taylor is an intern at the hedge fund who is super-intelligent, a vegan, and also happens to use the … Read more

FOR WRITERS: A Scientific Basis for Gender Identity

crystal ball

FOR WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth: Our news article today: Suggests that scientists may have found a group of genes responsible for gender identity. Whether or not it’s true, it brought to mind a question. How would this change things for transgender, enby and gender fluid folks in society? Pull out your crystal balls and forecast the ramifications in society, good and bad. Join the chat

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Lost Boy, Found Boy, by Jenn Polish

Lost Boy, Found Boy

QSFer Jenn Polish has a new enby sci fi young adult book out: In a futuristic world, Neverland is a holomatrix, Hook is a cyborg, and Tinker Bell is an automated computer interface. Peter is desperate to save his lover from a military draft that, unbeknownst to him, Mir volunteered for because they are desperate to be able to fly. So, naturally, Peter programs an entire island—Neverland—as a refuge where Mir can fly without having to fight in a war. But he doesn’t locate Mir right away; instead, he fights for control of the island with automated interface Tinker Bell, … Read more

FOR READERS & WRITERS: Trans/Enby/Gender Fluid Representation in Spec Fic

transgender sci fi - pixabay

FOR READERS & WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Freddy MacKay: Let’s discuss trans, enby and gender fluid characters in speculative fiction. How they are handled. How the world/tech/magic/nature works for them or against them. SF could be interesting because technology could be developed enough you wouldn’t ever know the difference unless a trans*/enby person wanted you to. What kind of society would that be? How would trans, enby and gender fluid people identify themselves and why? A parallel (though not the same) would be looking at the deaf community and how they feel about cochlear implants. Some are … Read more