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Gay Moment Promised in New Beauty and the Beast Film

Beauty and the Beast - Josh Gad

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast, due on March 17, will feature a watershed moment for the studio: an “exclusively gay moment” for the character of LeFou, according to director Bill Condon. Attitude reports: While the reimagined romantic classic, featuring Emma Watson and former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens, might seem like the ultimate celebration of heterosexual love, it’s actually harbouring a treasure trove of gay secrets – and is set to make history with Disney’s first ever “exclusively gay moment” on film. …Played by US actor Josh Gad, the character of LeFou serves as the sidekick to the film’s primary antagonist Gaston (Luke … Read more

‘Deadpool 2′ Teaser Shows Ryan Reynolds’ Backside


Our favorite anti-hero is back to save the day. Or at least come super close to saving it. On Saturday, Ryan Reynolds released a teaser for the upcoming “Deadpool 2” movie on YouTube. In it, the badly scarred, wise-cracking killer sees an elderly man getting robbed and takes to a phone booth to get changed. He doesn’t pull it off as well as Superman. Also, you get to see Reynolds’ butt ― and we know that’s why you clicked on this story. By Sebastian Murdock – Full Story at The Huffington Post

ENTERTAINMENT – Alien: Covenant to Feature Gay Couple

Alien: Covenant

The next Ridley Scott Alien film, Alien: Covenant, premieres on May 19, and the 20th Century Fox debuted a five-minute prologue to the film last night introducing the crew which includes James Franco, Billy Crudup, and Michael Fassbender. Also on board the Covenant, a colonization ship on its way to a remote planet to form a new human settlement, is the franchise’s first gay couple (played by Nathaniel Dean and Demián Bichir), and they’re shown here playfully arm-wrestling and sharing a quick kiss while cavorting with the crew. By Andy Towle – Full Story at Towleroad

FILM: Seven 2017 Movies With Queer Actors

Beauty and the Beast

Not so many years ago, it would’ve been hard to name even five openly gay Hollywood actors and actresses. But in 2017, the long list of LGBTI movie stars is getting longer and longer! Here, we count down seven hotly-anticipated films coming up this year, featuring our favourite queer talent… 1. Sir Ian McKellen – and Luke Evans – in Beauty and the Beast He’s the openly gay star who received Oscar nods for Gods and Monsters in 1999 and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in 2002. And this year, the iconic Sir Ian returns to … Read more

Entertainment: Why Blockbusters Lack Queer Characters


Ryan Reynolds has hinted that major US film studios avoid putting gay characters in blockbusters due to fears of alienating overseas audiences. The actor last year made his debut as pansexual superhero Deadpool, smashing box office records for an adult-rated film with the comedic take on superhero movies. Deadpool was the first non-heterosexual superhero to get his own standalone film, and was shown flirting indistinctly with both men and women. The comic book character is said to “do anything with a pulse”, while Tim Miller and Reynolds have described their version of the character as “pansexual”. By Nick Duffy – … Read more

Trailer: Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-man Homecoming trailer

In the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the web-slinging superhero makes his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The clip also gives a first look at the movie’s winged villain, Vulture, played by Michael Keaton. Homecoming brings Peter Parker back to high school. The early Spidey suit he wears features web wings, a design only seen in the earliest of Spider-Man comic book appearances. Spider-Man, played by British actor Tom Holland, is shown scaling the Washington Monument, holding a sliced-in-half ferry boat together with his webbing and dealing with basic high school stuff like staring too long at a … Read more

Gal Gadot: Let Me Date Halle Berry in Wonder Woman Sequel

Wonder Woman Halle Berry

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has said she fancies a piece of Halle Berry for the title character’s love interest. Gadot, who also announced today that she and her husband Yaron Versano are expecting their first child, responded after comic book writer Greg Rucka said he thought all of Wonder Woman’s relationships would be with women. According to, Gadot put Berry’s name forward as a love interest for a proposed sequel. “I saw her the other day, Halle Berry,” said Gadot on Good Night with Guy Pines. “She’s so beautiful. Wow! She’s gorgeous! So… yeah, I could do [the … Read more

Wonder Woman Will Be Presented as Straight in New Film

Wonder Women - Gal Gadot

Well that’s disappointing. Despite a long history of Wonder Woman being bisexual in the comics, there will be no signs of this in the new film. Gal Gadot, who previously starred in Batman v Superman and will take on her own solo movie next year, has said there will not even be a hint of LGBTI love in Wonder Woman. ‘It’s not in the film,’ Gadot told Yahoo after being asked about it. ‘In the film, she falls in love with a man [Chris Pine’s fighter pilot Steve Trevor]. In general, I read this article as well. By Joe Morgan … Read more

LGBT Superheroes We Want to Save the World in Film

Wonder Woman Supergirl

As Wonder Woman’s writers finally confirm the Warrior Princess is bisexaul, we take a look at the queer superheroes we’d most like to see kick ass onscreen… Wonder Woman Although the Amazon princes is already headed to the big screen, it’s yet to be confirmed whether or not Gal Gadot’s version of Diana will be playing it straight or as queer as her comic book incarnation – although we won’t hold our breaths. By Joe Williams – Full Story at Pink News

Trailer: Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond

There’s a new trailer for Star Trek Beyond out, and with it, Rihanna’s new single from the film’s soundtrack, titled “Sledgehammer.” And while there isn’t a lot of new information in the trailer itself (the Enterprise is still getting ripped to shreds; Idris Elba’s blue-faced reptilian villain is still representing the part of space where “the frontier pushes back”) you can at least listen to “Sledgehammer.” Beyond is scheduled for a US release on July 22nd and is directed by Justin Lin, a stalwart of the Fast & Furious franchise. As this heritage might suggest, the new film looks like … Read more