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Movies: 2022’s Biggest LGBTQ+ Moments


2022 was filled with LGBTQ+ film moments which sparked discourse and delight in equal measure. Although there have been some blows to LGBTQ+ representation on the big screen, there have also been huge wins and moments that have put a smile on our faces. So get ready as we go through the highs and lows of queer cinema this year in all its glory. The year’s best film was a queer multiverse epic. Everything Everywhere All At Once was the best film of 2022. Starring Michelle Yeoh in what should become an Oscar-winning performance, it told the story of a … Read more

FOR READERS: Is the MCU Too Big?

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Scott: Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) too big? I love Marvel movies, but I got behind, and now I can’t imagine ever catching up… thoughts? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Chat on FacebookChat on MeWe

TV: Five Films to Open Your Hearts and Minds About Intersex People


Yesterday was Intersex Solidarity Day, and what better way to learn to be a good ally to intersex people than through learning about their perspectives and experiences? Intersex people — those have physical attributes that are associated with more than one sex — represent an estimated 1.7 percent of the population. But they’re underrepresented in media. These independent films provide experiences from all across the globe, giving an important voice to underrepresented people, their stories and current struggles. In 2005, intersex ally Joelle Circe-Laramee recognized the first-ever Intersex Day of Solidarity. She invited allies and organizations to commemorate the life … Read more

HOLLYWOOD: Tanner Buchanan Would Love to Play a Bisexual Robin

Robin Bisexual - DC Comics

Netflix star Tanner Buchanan is interested in playing Robin in the upcoming Batman films, and he’s said he’d love to play a bisexual Boy Wonder. Buchanan, who has starred in Cobra Kai and He’s All That, has repeatedly shared his aspirations to play Batman’s vigilante partner opposite Robert Pattinson in DC’s upcoming reboots. The 22-year-old actor opened up about his superhero dreams on Variety’s Just for Variety podcast, adding he wouldn’t mind honouring the character’s newly revealed LGBT+ identity. “If I have the opportunity to represent something like that, that’s incredible,” Buchanan said. “If they’re willing to write it, then … Read more

MOVIES: New Version of Horror Film Candyman Gets Praise for Gay Characters


The 2021 reboot of Candyman is already winning praise from LGBT+ horror fans for its surprisingly progressive treatment of a gay couple. The film – dubbed a sequel to the 1992 film of the same name – hit cinemas on Friday (27 August) and immediately won critical acclaim for its deft handling of systemic racism in America. But one of the less remarked upon aspects of the film is that it features a prominent gay couple. Misfits star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett stars as Troy Cartwright, the gay brother of Brianna (Teyonah Parris). Kyle Kaminsky appears as Troy’s boyfriend, Grady. Candyman doesn’t … Read more

Hollywood Fail: No Trans Characters in Major Films in Four Years

Transgender Flag

There hasn’t been a single trans or non-binary character in a major Hollywood film for four years, proving Hollywood still has a long way to go towards LGBT+ representation. LGBT+ media advocacy organisation GLAAD released its ninth annual Studio Responsibility Index Thursday (15 July), which tracks the representation of queer characters released by eight major Hollywood studios in 2020. The study found that there were no trans or non-binary characters represented in any of the 44 films released by the eight largest film studios. According to GLAAD, this is the fourth year in a row that trans and non-binary characters … Read more

FOR READERS: What Are You Reading/Bingeing This weekend?

comfort reads - pixabay

FOR READERS Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Scott: On this lazy holiday weekend, what spec fic goodness (queer or otherwise) are you reading or binge watching? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat: FB:

MOVIES: Ryan Reynolds Really Wants Film Deadpool to Be Bi


Ryan Reynolds is reportedly begging Marvel executives to make the maverick superheroDeadpool openly bisexual. While the superhero character is portrayed as pansexual in the Deadpool comics, he has only ever had romantic liaisons with female characters in the two feature films, released in 2016 and 2018. But Ryan Reynolds is hoping to change that for the third Deadpool film, according to tipster Daniel Richtman. Richtman said Reynolds “very much wants” to explore the superhero’s sexuality in the third film and he has reportedly asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to “make Deadpool openly bi,” We Got This Covered reports. Full Story … Read more

Pixar Documentary – Studio to Feature “Characters of All Genders” in Future Films


Pixar has hinted that future films will include “all genders”, prompting excited speculation that an animated non-binary character could be on their way. Disney has seen baby steps of progress when it comes to LGBT+ representation over the past few years, with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker featuring a minor same-sex kiss, and Pixar film Onward and Marvel film Avengers: Endgame both briefly alluding to same-sex relationships. The studio only revealed its first openly gay central character earlier this year in the heartwarming Disney Pixar short Out, that follows a queer man as he tries to work up the … Read more