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Review: As Fire Rains Down – Toni Griffin

As Fire Rains Down - Toni Griffin

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Bi, Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon | Publisher About The Book As fire rains down on the forest, Luke finds a hurt but powerful demigod in its wake— the kind of shifter that should only exist in legend. Forest fires around California have got everyone working overtime. Between Luke’s volunteer rescue efforts as the fires rage and his keeping up with regular police duties in his sleepy hometown of Half Moon Bay, he’s barely had time to eat, let alone catch some shut-eye. It doesn’t help that some out-of-towners have been pressing … Read more

New Release: Beside the Darker Shore – Patricia J. Esposito

Beside the Darker Shore - Patricia J Esposito

QSFer Patricia J. Esposito has a new MM paranormal romance out: Beside the Darker Shore. What might the ethical Governor David Gedden give up for one man’s exquisite beauty? It’s terrifying to consider when the man is a destructive blood prostitute and David is responsible for the state’s peaceful vampire community. Blood sales in Boston are up, blood taxes support a thriving new nightlife, neighborhoods have been refurbished, and deaths by vampires have plummeted. David is assured reelection. However, the blood addict Stephen Salando has returned from exile with one unalterable plan: to turn the good governor into a vampire. … Read more

New Release: Dollface – Liv Rancourt

Dollface - Liv Rancourt

QSFer Liv Rancourt has a new MM historical paranormal romance out: Dollface. Charlie’s father deserted the family when he was five years old, so when his sister’s husband is killed in the war, he steps in so his niece won’t grow up without a man to rely on. That his sister’s husband was his best friend – and only love – makes his grief just as great as hers. Some three years after her father’s death, his niece receives a doll in the mail. The package says it was sent by her father, and with that, strange things start happening. … Read more

New Release: Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker – Edward Kendrick

Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker - Edward Kendrick

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal romance out: Darik Wilson, Ghost Talker. Darik Wilson was normal young man in college until the day he stumbled across a man’s body in a local park. When he touched it, the man’s ghost appeared. It scared the hell out of Darik as the ghost of Cornell Albright begged him to find his murderer. He was the thirteenth victim of the serial killer dubbed as X for the way he laid out his victims. Cornell told Darik what little he recalled about his killer, which Darik passed on to Detective Lang, who … Read more

New Release: Bleeding Stone – Brian Yapko

Bleeding Stone - Brian Yapko

QSFer Brian Yapko has a new MM horror book out: Bleeding Stone. Mundo Lopez, a minor player in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, has killed a man of unexpected importance to the Mayan gods of war and death. After his release from prison, Mundo journeys with his lover, Pedro, through the jungles of Guatemala to steal a fortune in sacred gold from the Pyramid of the Dead. It is there among the ruins of Tikal that the dark gods, in their quest for vengeance, force him to make a monumental and horrific choice… Get It On Amazon | Publisher | B&N … Read more

Review: Blood Wine – Scarlet Blackwell

Blood Wine - Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Paranormal, Gothic, Historical, Romance, Vampires LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book When vampires and humans mix, there will be blood… “Really, his conscience was too much. Istvan had taught him well.” In the dark hours, shell shock still claims vampire Sam for its own. He’s lonely and afraid of his new world, still tormented by flashbacks of the Somme. Once so close to his human friend, Stephen, he now feels isolated as he watches Stephen’s evolving love affair with the vampire Istvan. When Sam meets Janos, a human with a death wish who … Read more

New Release: The Monk’s Lair – Ellie Thomas

The Monk's Lair - Ellie Thomas

QSFer Ellie Thomas has a new MM historical paranormal book out: The Monk’s Lair. Christian Maxwell is used to being alone. A delicate and over-imaginative young man, he’s abandoned to his own devices and company in his family’s Wiltshire country home. When his aunt, concerned for his well-being, insists he accompany her to the Welsh Borders for a country house party in the autumn of 1816, Christian is resigned to being surrounded by people for the duration. One particular guest, Sam Gillespie, is a handsome amateur scientist of a similar age to Christian who is determined to befriend him. When … Read more

New Release: Come to the Water – David Connor & E.F. Mulder

Come to the Water - David Connor & E.F. Mulder

QSFers David Connor and E.F. Mulder have a new MM fantasy romance out: Come to the Water. Ask anyone in Eerie Falls, Louisiana, if the town lives up to its name, and they will tell you yes. Trees that never die, a voodoo priestess, a centenarian mortician who has come back from the dead on several occasions, the mystery surrounding an infant found in the town’s namesake waterfall, and the guardian of the falls who died to prevent anyone else being lost to the water … many local legends abound. Keith-Aaron finds himself entangled in several of the legends upon … Read more

New Release: Phoenix Spy – TJ Nichols

Phoenix Spy - TJ Nichols

QSFer TJ Nichols has a new MM paranormal book out (bi, gay): Phoenix Spy. Many deaths ago, phoenix shifter Dalmon Vecker created the Coven to protect paranormals during the witch hunts. Once again, he is running it instead of being king, or heir, or any of the other roles he’s played to safeguard the secrets he and his brothers keep. Now the Coven, and the paranormal community, are under threat as some witches want to reveal the truth to humans to enable them to seize control. For Lucian Marwood, getting arrested by the Coven means that he’s safe. For the … Read more

Review: Blood Kisses – Scarlet Blackwell

Blood Kisses - Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Paranormal, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Reviewer: Maryann Get It On Amazon About The Book “You act like you hate me and I don’t know why. All I did was love you. It wasn’t a crime.”Ten years ago, the vampire Severin fell in love with the mortal Nikolaus in Vienna and abandoned him, rather than take his life. He and his friend, Istvan, are invited to the vampire king Emil’s castle where he finds out that Nikolaus now belongs to Emil. Jealousy eats Severin alive. The twin lusts of blood and sex are intertwined for all vampires, ruling their lives. … Read more