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ANNOUNCEMENT: A Secret to Die For, by Edward Kendrick

A Secret to Die For

QSFer Edward Kendrick has a new MM paranormal book out: A Secret to Die For. Brian Newell is an average young man, working in a coffee shop. That is, until he learns he’s the sole heir to his grandfather Alistair’s fortune. A grandfather he didn’t even know he had. There is a proviso, however. He has to live in his grandfather’s house for one year, and take care of his macaw, before he can inherit anything. Conley Finnegan was close friends with Alistair, cataloguing his book collection and tending to his yard. He’s less than happy when he meets Brian, … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Imposter King, by Wendy Rathbone

The Imposter King

QSFer Wendy Rathbone has a new MM fantasy book out: The Imposter King. Their love made them close. Their secret kept them closer. Dare and Prince Malory are happily married and in love, but the secret of Dare’s true identity as a mere servant threatens their romantic bliss. Messages to the king of Brookfall go unanswered, and rumors of war unsettle both kingdoms. Until one day heralds arrive with bags of gold to ransom Dare and demand his return to Brookfall. King Millard, Prince Malory’s father, orders Dare to make the journey to see his father. But Dare is not … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Red Between the Lines, by Parker Foye

Red Between the Lines

QSFer Parker Foye has a new MM sci fi book out: Red Between the Lines. Wynfield, a washed-up former Corpsman with optical bioware and a healthy chip on his shoulder, is reluctantly drawn into a conspiracy to take down Nutrindustry, the company responsible for both his “upgrade” from human and the city’s food shortage. Playing clinic doctor for the day, Yeven doesn’t expect the mouthy former pilot and their begrudging attraction—nor the fresh twist of shame for his part in Nutrindustry’s past. He needs Wynfield, though, and for more than his smart mouth. Feelings would just get in the way. … Read more

REVIEW: Sinister Hunger, by Katze Snow

Sinister Hunger

Title: Sinister Hunger Series: Bloodstream #1 Author: Katze Snow Genre: paranormal LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Pages/Word Count: 213 About the Book: Vincent Hudson is a vampire hunter and his life is about to be ruined. When a hunting trip ends in tragedy, he is forced to do the unthinkable—seek refuge in Sanctuary Hope, where each family must nominate a member to the city council. It is seemingly a minor price to pay in exchange for medical aid and refuge. But it is also a dangerous trap, and unaware of the gut-wrenching reality, Vincent nominates himself to save his people. Now a … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Aliens, Smith and Jones, by Blaine D. Arden

Aliens Smith and Jones - Blaine D. Arden

Blaine D. Arden has a new MM sci fi book out: “It’s not all about serving coffee and typing reports.” Working for a secret organisation specialising in alien cover-ups, Connor Smith is no stranger to the abnormal or dangerous. His love life on the other hand… not so exciting. Until he reluctantly agrees to a blind date and meets the perfect bloke, Jason. Things are finally falling into place for Connor, so of course that’s when he attracts an alien stalker. Noah Jones, ex-alien, has been stranded on Earth and forced to live as a human since 1648. Alone and … Read more

REVIEW: Any Given Lifetime, by Leta Blake

Any Given Lifetime, by Leta Blake

Title: Any Given Lifetime Author: Leta Blake Genre: Paranormal, Metaphysical, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: Gay Publisher: Leta Blake Books Pages/Word Count: 215 Pages Reviewer: Georgiana This is him. He’s everything. When two souls have found their mates, no time or distance can keep them away. This is true for Joshua and Neil. “When I lost Neil, my first love, I thought I’d never feel pain that bad again.” Joshua and Neil were together a short amount of time, but it was apparent from the beginning they were meant for each other. It wasn’t easy for Neil to experience growing up again, knowing … Read more

FIILM: Icelandic Gay Horror Film ‘Rift’ to Get U.S. Remake

Rift gay horror

Orion Pictures reports that it has acquired the critically acclaimed Icelandic horror film Rift and it will be remade for U.S. audiences. Check out the Icelandic trailer above. The film was praised for its depiction of a gay narrative within the horror genre. “The atmospheric thriller follows two men whose broken relationship is tested as they are haunted by a supernatural entity awakened by their grief,” according to Orion. Writer-director-producer Erlingur Thoroddsen has been hired to adapt his original screenplay. Thoroddsen’s film received a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and won Outfest’s Artistic Vision Award and CinEuphoria’s Top Ten of … Read more

FILM: Fantastic Beasts 2 Director: Dumbledore is Not Out, But It’s Clear He Is Gay

Fantastic Beasts 2 - Dumbledore

The director of the latest instalment in the Fantastic Beasts film franchise has admitted that while Professor Dumbledore is not ‘out’ in the film, it’s ‘clear’ he is gay. David Yates made the revelations in the November issue of Empire magazine. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald follows on from 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Set for release on 16 November, the Crimes of Grindelwald is part of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter universe. The Fantastic Beasts series is set decades before the Potter books and follows magizoologist, Newt Scamander, on his adventures around New York. In 2007, … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: A Dance of Water and Air, by Antonia Aquilante

A Dance of Water and Air

QSFer Antonia Aquilante has a new MM fantasy out in her new Elemental Magicae series: A Dance of Water and Air. Edmund is heir to the throne of Thalassa and a wielder of Water magic. Devoted to his kingdom and his duty to it, Edmund can do nothing but acquiesce to an arranged marriage with the queen of a neighboring kingdom. The marriage and the child it is required to produce will seal an alliance between Thalassa and Aither that is vital to Thalassa’s safety, and far more important than Edmund’s personal misgivings. Arden is the younger brother of Aither’s … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY – The Order: Revelation, by Brad A. Townsend


QSFer Brad A. Townsend has a new queer fantasy book out in his Order series: The Master continues his plans to break The Order, inflicting as much pain and turmoil on the lives of Team as possible. New friends and old become embroiled in the fight and are used as tools to try and attain his goals, while a Message from Heaven reveals the secret of destroying their adversary. Amidst their confrontations, the guys travel to the Valley of the Tree of Life and discover more of their Nephilim Heritage, and secrets that revolve around the mysterious origins of The … Read more